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Life and AD&D

An employee’s loved ones depend on them. With Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, you can help them prepare for the unexpected, and give them the confidence to live life to its fullest knowing their loved ones will be protected. An employee is best protected when they have access to both Life and AD&D coverage.

Protect Against the Unthinkable

If there’s need for a claim, an employee or their beneficiaries will receive personal service from a compassionate LifeMap claims analyst during the process. All Life Insurance coverage also comes with access to our Travel Assistance and Beneficiary Assistance Program to provide support in their time of need.

Basic Life

In the event something tragic happens to an employee, Life Insurance helps to ensure that their loved ones are taken care of after they're gone. The policy covers loss of life, no matter how, when or where it occurs. Terminally ill employees with a shortened life expectancy may be able to access a portion of their life benefits right away.

Voluntary Life

To offer employees greater protection, give them the option to elect Voluntary Life Insurance.  They can even have it in addition to the Basic Life offering. The policy covers loss of life, no matter how, when or where it occurs.

In some states, deaths resulting from suicide—intentional or self-inflicted injuries—may not be covered for a length of time.


Accidents happen, as regrettable as it is to say. AD&D puts employees' minds at ease, knowing they have around-the-clock coverage in the event something goes wrong on or off the job. In some cases an AD&D plan can be purchased separately; but it provides the best coverage when combined with Life Insurance.

In the event that an employee is killed in an accident, the policy will pay the beneficiary a lump-sum payment.  If Life Insurance is also payable, the AD&D benefit will be paid in addition to the Life Insurance benefit.

If an employee survives an accident but loses sight or a limb, or becomes paralyzed, the employee may receive a percentage of the AD&D benefit based on the severity of the loss. (Loss must occur within 365 days of the accident.) 

The policy may also include additional benefits for childcare, education for a spouse and/or dependent children or a supplemental payment if an employee dies as the result of a car accident while wearing a seatbelt.

The policy’s AD&D exclusions and limitations are different from its Life exclusions and limitations, so please refer to the company policy or certificate of coverage for all plan details.


If you’re interested in Life and AD&D insurance for your organization, contact your insurance producer.


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Life and AD&D Coverage for the Whole Family

While Basic Life and AD&D typically only covers employees, organizations can offer Voluntary Life and AD&D coverage for spouses and dependent children.

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