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Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability (STD) insurance coverage provides a little income for employees who can’t work and need to take care of themselves, whether they've just had a new baby or are recovering from an accident or injury.

When employees need time off of work to get back on their feet

Disability isn’t uncommon. Almost one-third of Americans entering the work force today will become disabled—unable to work for a period of time—before they retire. If and when a disability keeps them from working, it shouldn’t interfere with their ability to pay the bills. Disability insurance can help keep that from happening.

Short Term Disability Coverage helps companies offer employees protection for when they need it.

  • LifeMap may offer employees a one-time, guarantee issue amount during an open enrollment period.
  • Employees will have to submit a completed health questionnaire only when guarantee issue isn’t available or when the coverage selected exceeds the options available under guarantee issue.
  • To make things easy for Voluntary coverage, monthly premiums are paid through payroll deduction.

To provide maximum coverage for employees, organizations should consider providing both Short Term and Long Term Disability coverage.

How Coverage Works

If an employee is unable to perform the essential duties of their job due to a covered illness or injury, LifeMap will provide them with a weekly check that can help pay the bills while they get back on their feet. Short Term Disability provides a portion of an employee's income for the length of time an employee remains disabled, or until the maximum period of payment has been reached.

If an employee is partially disabled—meaning they can perform all of their job duties some of the time or some of their duties all of the time—they may even be eligible for partial benefits.

Absence Management Services

We know it can be a real challenge to determine who qualifies for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). That’s why we offer FMLA benefits administration — this service can be added to LifeMap Short Term Disability (STD) Coverage.

Employers will get guidance on employee rights under the law and the legal and financial implications of FMLA decisions. Plus, get support in developing related corporate policies and procedures. We can even integrate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) leave review and administration services.


If you’re interested in Short Term Disability insurance for your organization, contact your insurance producer.


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Health and Wellness for Members

LifeMap members have access to partner advantage programs to help them achieve physical, emotional, and financial wellness. 

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability (LTD) provides long-term income protection and a return to work program to help people get back to work faster