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LifeMap’s Dental insurance products can be offered as employer-paid or voluntary plans. Both offer the same great coverage options that encourage consistent preventive care, and make sure major services are available when needed.

Make Everyone Smile

Organizations can contribute as little as 0% and still expand the benefits they offer to employees and their families. Why should they offer dental? Because making that trek to the dentist isn’t good just for employees’ pearly whites; it’s essential for good health.

  • Researchers believe there’s a link between cavities and gum disease and serious health problems such as heart disease.
  • With a LifeMap dental plan, employees and their families will be motivated to get regular check-ups, brush, floss, rinse and repeat.

Why should organizations offer dental?

  • Flexible coverage
  • Network options include active or passive PPOs, dental HMO (in some areas), or even open access. We can even customize the benefit structure for large groups.
  • Cost savings
  • Set rates within our network to protect employees from additional costs when they choose a participating provider.
  • Great services
  • With LifeMap Dental, employees will be covered for everything from routine oral care to major dental services. They’ll also get online access to their benefits and claims information
  • Voluntary plans
  • Convenient payroll deductions help make electing voluntary dental an easy choice for employees. Voluntary Dental requires a minimum participation level of 35% or 5 enrolled employees, whichever is greater.


If you’re interested in Dental insurance for your organization, contact your insurance producer.


To find the right LifeMap Dental plan for your group client, contact a sales executive today! 

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Find a Dental Provider

Want to see which in-network dental providers are available in your area? Search our provider database.

Dental Coverage for the Whole Family

Dental plans provide coverage for employees, spouses, and their dependent children.

Dental Savings for Members

LifeMap members have access to partner programs that offer dental fighting products from Epic Dental and Dental Optimizer.