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Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance puts the focus on recovery, not finances. LifeMap offers Cancer Care and Cancer Plus policies to provide employees the coverage that best fits their needs. When an employee gets a dreaded diagnosis, they don’t want money worries as well. This coverage helps make up for lost wages so they can focus on healing.

Lump Sum Payments 

Cancer Care and Cancer Plus coverage can help minimize the stress, both for those recovering from an illness, and for their caretakers. It helps them pay for life’s everyday costs—things that can help maintain some level of “normal” in their lives.

If an employee or covered family member is diagnosed with a covered illness, they get their benefit in one lump sum with no restrictions on how the money can be spent. That means they can use it on whatever makes the most sense for them, such as:

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Household bills
  • Child or adult day care
  • The cost of travel and lodging when receiving care away from home
  • College expenses

The benefit paid depends on the diagnosis and the amount of coverage they purchase.

Why offer cancer care and cancer plus critical illness coverage?

  • Added value to their benefits offering.
  • Employees can keep paying bills if a critical illness strikes.
  • Instead of worrying about money, employees can focus on getting better and getting back to work.
  • Employees pay a group rate with little or no underwriting.



If you’re interested in Critical Illness insurance for your organization, contact your insurance producer.


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Critical Illness Coverage for the Whole Family

Coverage amounts can be different for the spouse and the employee. A guarantee issue amount may be available (though pre-existing conditions will have limitations). Non-guarantee issues plans will require answering health questions.

Health and Wellness for Members

LifeMap members have access to partner advantage programs to help them achieve physical, emotional, and financial wellness. 

Accident Insurance

Both critical illness plans pair well with Accident coverage to provide employees the best protection.