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Explore Group Plans

Covering first steps and missteps

Life, disability, dental, vision, accident or critical illness, LifeMap has employer-paid and voluntary plans that cover employees though all stages of life

Insurance for Companies Large and Small

We have coverage options for groups with as little as two employees. Simply choose the type and amount of coverage that will be company-paid. Then let employees round out their insurance portfolios with voluntary coverage. With convenient payroll deductions using pre-tax dollars, employees get company-endorsed protection for less than it would cost on the open market.

Small Group Options

Our suite of employer-paid and voluntary coverage options are even available for groups with 2-25 employees. Contact your insurance producer to submit an RFP for Life and AD&D, Disability, Dental or Vision for Small Groups today!

Producer Resources

If you’re a producer ready to sign your clients with LifeMap, visit the Producer section for RFP information and other materials.