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If a LifeMap member claim is denied in whole or in part, they will receive documentation from the LifeMap claims department. If the member or their eligible dependent is not satisfied with the decision, the claim may be resubmitted (along with any additional information which would affect the decision) for LifeMap reconsideration. 

LifeMap will review the appeal and any additional information that has been submitted and will notify the member after the appeal for review was received by LifeMap. If a more extensive review is needed, we will notify the member of additional time needed to make a decision and keep them apprised of our actions as we move toward a final decision.

LifeMap has established standard time deadlines for the claims and appeals processes. For a detailed explanation of the appeals process, including timeframes for processing, please refer to the member’s policy.

Submit STM Disputes

LifeMap - STM Claims
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LifeMap - Dental Claims
PO Box 1334
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Submit Vision Disputes

VSP Complaints and Grievances
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