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Billing FAQs

Can I submit a request?

Yes, you may submit any correspondence, billing change forms or enrollment forms by fax or by email. 

Email Us
Our fax number is: 1(855) 854-4570

Why don’t my changes show on the bill?

If we received your changes less than 10 days prior to the billing cycle, they will not show on the bill.  In this instance, you may adjust any payments as necessary and submit an adjusted payment.  Otherwise these changes and any adjustments will appear on your next bill.

I have employees who are showing up on my bill that should have been termed.  Can I just subtract the premium from my billing statement and pay that amount?

Yes, you may subtract the premium.  We suggest that you pay as billed as adjustments can become complicated on some groups.  Any premium adjustments due to additions or terminations will be included in the following billing cycle.

How do I term or add an employee?

After requesting a billing/eligibility change form here, please fill in the requested information then submit it via email, regular mail or fax back to LifeMap.  

Mail to:           
LifeMap - Billing
PO Box 242330
Little Rock, AR 72223

Fax: 1(855) 854-4570
Email: Billing@LifeMapCo.com
I made a payment, how come it’s not showing up on my bill? 
If we received payment less than 10 days prior to the billing cycle, any payment made will not appear until the next billing cycle.  If you have made a payment that is not appearing on your current bill, you may deduct that amount from the total and only submit payment for any additional premiums due.  Otherwise any adjustments, including credits, will appear on the following month’s bill.

I have an employee out on disability, when do I delete them from the bill?

When an employee goes out on disability it is very important that the employee is not terminated.  Our claims department will notify our billing department when to waive an employee’s benefits.  Employees must remain active on the system in order for payment of benefits.  Our claims department will also notify the billing department when an employee’s claim changes from a short term disability claim into a long term disability claim or if the employee has been approved for a life waiver.  Any additional premiums received will be credited back to the group upon the approval of waivers.

Are rehires eligible for coverage?  If so, when are they effective?

Rehires are eligible for coverage.  It is a LifeMap policy that if an employee is rehired within 6 months of their termination date, the employee’s benefits will be effective first of the month following the employee’s return to work.  If the employee returns to work after 6 months, then the employee will be treated as a new hire and must serve the probationary period.  When you have a rehire, please contact our office and a Billing Representative can update the system for you.  

***There are groups that have contracted with LifeMap to have rehires re-serve their probationary period.  If you are not certain how your contract reads, please contact our office at 1(888) 777-9368 and we can verify what is written in your group’s contract.

I have an employee who was rehired after leaving us for 3 months.  I have added the employee to the bill and am seeing a back bill.  We have a waiting period of 3 months, but you are billing us as of the first of the month following his date of hire.  Why?

It is a LifeMap policy that if an employee is rehired within 6 months of their termination date, then the all employee’s benefits will be effective first of the month following the employee’s return to work.  When you have a rehire, please contact our office and our Billing Representative can update the system for you.

Can life insurance be continued after the employee terminates employment?

Yes, any employee whose life coverage is terminating or reducing has the option to convert their coverage to an individual policy within 31 days of that date. The employee would need to begin the process by submitting a completed Conversion RFI Form to our partner, Gerber Life.

Also, depending on your group life contract with LifeMap, your employee may be eligible for portability of their group life insurance.  Portability offers the employee the opportunity to continue their coverage under the group life policy through direct premium payments to LifeMap.  Application for portability must be completed and returned to LifeMap within 31 days of the employee’s last date of coverage. 

If you are uncertain about what type of continuation your group life policy offers, please contact our office at 1 (888) 777-9368.

What are the rules concerning coverage during FMLA?

If an employee is out of work due to FMLA rules, you are required to continue coverage and premium payment while FMLA is in force.  Once the FLMA period had been exhausted, you may terminate the coverage and premium payment. 

I have an employee who wants to terminate their employee-paid coverage, but are not otherwise losing eligibility, what do I need to do?

We require a written request from the member.  You may submit the request on their behalf, although we do require the member’s signature.  The request should include the employee’s full name, date of birth, date they would like the policy terminated, the group name and policy number and their signature. 

I have an employee changing classes. How do I make this change?

Please submit a written request including the employee’s full name and new class information and LifeMap will make the change effective as of the day you request.  This change will be reflected on the billing cycle following the updated information.

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Claims FAQs

We have an employee out on a Voluntary Short Term Disability claim; do they continue to pay their premium?

Premium payment is not required for Voluntary STD while an employee is out on claim.  You may terminate the employee’s coverage while they are out on claim, then re-instate the coverage when the employee returns to work.

We have an employee who does not want to name their spouse as beneficiary.  Do you have a form that the spouse can sign waiving their rights to any benefit proceeds? 

Group Life Insurance, unlike pension plans or 401Ks, does not require that the spouse waive their rights to life insurance proceeds. 

We have an employee whose Short Term Disability benefits will be exhausted soon; however they remain disabled and unable to return to work.  How does the transition to a Long Term Disability claim work?

The STD analyst will provide LTD forms to the employee when the analyst sees that the employee may be disabled beyond the end of the STD maximum benefit period.  The employee must then file an LTD claim.

We have had a death of an employee who does not have a beneficiary designation on file.  Please let me know how that will be handled.

When it is determined that a deceased employee does not have a designated beneficiary for the group insurance, the Policy’s Facility of Payment provision is followed.  While this provision may vary slightly from Policy to Policy, the provision allows the benefits to be paid in equal shares to surviving relatives of the highest rank.