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Dental & Vision Plan Options

Freedom to choose, and rewards for your healthy decisions. That's what our plans are all about. Depending on your zip code, we have 2 or 3 dental plans you can choose from to give you confidence that your family's oral health is being looked after. Coverage can begin on the 1st or 15th of the month.

Individual Dollar-based Dental

The plan is dollar-based, a unique departure from traditional procedure-based coverage. Imagine spending your benefit dollars almost any way you choose, on care that’s important to you and your family. Each year that you decide to include an exam and cleaning, you are rewarded with a benefit increase the following year.

Every year, the plan pays:

  • 100% of the first $150 of care
  • 80% of the next $500 of care, and
  • 50% of remaining care until you reach your annual maximum benefit, which will increase each year you visit the dentist (up to 4 times).

Individual Incentive 10 Dental

The plan is procedure-based. Unlike traditional dental plans, you are rewarded for receiving routine preventive care. Each year you visit the dentist for a checkup and cleaning means greater benefits and fewer out-of-pocket expenses the next year.

Annual benefits increase while out-of-pocket coinsurance decreases.

When you get your teeth cleaned and examined, you’re rewarded with greater benefits the next year. By year four, you can reach a maximum annual benefit of $1,500.

The percentage the plan pays in coinsurance can increase to 100% of preventive care, 80% of restorative care and 50% of major care by year three. This means we’ll pay 100% of preventive care, such as routine cleanings and exams; 80% of restorative care, such as fillings; and 50% of major dental care such as crowns or root canals.

Individual Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Dental through Willamette Dental Group 

You’ll work with an exclusive provider organization who can combine the best available scientific evidence with clinical experience to develop a personalized oral health plan for you.

LifeMap partners with Willamette Dental Group to bring you this option – so if you’re currently seeing a Willamette Dental Group dentist, or would like to, this is the plan for you. You can find addresses and directions at WillametteDental.com.

*The Individual EPO Dental Plan is available only in certain areas and you must see a Willamette Dental Group provider.

This plan features:

  • No deductibles.
  • No annual maximums.
  • Routine exams, teeth cleanings, periodontal screenings and evaluations provided for a small visit charge.
  • X-rays, fillings and a variety of other dental services provided at a low co-pay.
  • Orthodontia coverage regardless of age.
  • Emergency dental care coverage.
  • Orthodontic and some major services covered after a six-month waiting period.
  • Optional vision rider available (reimburses up to $150 in vision services and/or hardware, including LASIK, per member every two years). 





Dental Vision Rider

Choose any of our dental plans, and you’ll have the option to purchase a vision rider. This coverage reimburses up to $150 in vision services and/or hardware, including LASIK, per member every two years. Sorry, the individual vision rider is not available in the state of Washington.

Add the vision rider when you apply for dental coverage.

Find a Dental Provider

Want to see which in-network dental providers are available in your area? Search our provider database.

Dental Savings for Members

LifeMap members have access to partner programs that offer dental fighting products from Epic Dental and Dental Optimizer.