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Enrollment Link FAQs

What is an agent enrollment link?

Custom agent enrollment links are locked URLs for agents appointed with LifeMap. They securely identify the agent/agency that assists an applicant in the individual policy enrollment process.

Why is it necessary to only use the custom enrollment links?

Part of meeting LifeMap’s mission is to make it easier for you to do business with us. We have been working hard to streamline our online enrollment experience, while increasing accuracy and efficiency around producer records and commissions payments.

Using your custom links to enroll members instead of going straight to our website allows us to serve you better.  Applicants who are not represented by agents can continue to enroll directly on our website.

How do I know if I already have a custom agent link?

It’s possible you have worked with our Individual Products team in the past to create a “locked agent link.”  If so, it might look something like this:

OR LifeMap Dental & Vision

If you have links that look similar to this, please continue to use them for enrolling your clients.  If not, email our office at Commissions@LifeMapCo.com to request a link. Please include your Producer number, state you would like the link for, and Brokerage name with your request.

How many links do I need?

Enrollment links are tied to a product and state.  Therefore, if you serve clients in multiple LifeMap states then you’ll need three enrollment links for each state.  Once a link is created, you can use it over and over for that product and state.

Do I need to keep generating a custom producer link?

No.  Once you create a link you can copy and paste it and add it to your emails or your agency website to ensure your clients use your producer agent link.

What happens if my clients enroll directly on LifeMapCo.com without my agent link?

Please contact us via support@LifeMapCo.com.  In the email include your client’s name and the product he/she enrolled in.

Where do I find my Producer Tax Identification Number (TIN)?

If you are an agent under an agency, please contact your home office for the agency TIN, otherwise use your Producer TIN.

Where can I find my LifeMap Producer ID?

Your Producer ID number can be found on your latest LifeMap commission statement or on your LifeMap appointment welcome letter. 

I’m not appointed to work with LifeMap.  How can I get my own agent link?

You can begin by getting appointed to work with us; we’d love to have you!  To begin a new appointment, simply contact the Agent Desk at agentdesk@lifemapco.com or (503) 225-4960.  Once you’re appointed, you can come back and generate your own producer agent link to start enrolling customers in one of LifeMap’s individual products.

My Producer ID and TIN are correct, but I keep getting an error when I generate a link.  What went wrong?

If you know your Producer ID number and Producer TIN are correct, please make sure you are selecting a state that you are appointed to work in with LifeMap.  For example, you may be appointed in Oregon with LifeMap, but not Washington.  If that's the case, choosing Washington in the state dropdown box will produce an error.

I generated a link successfully, but it doesn’t work.  What do I do?

Oh no!  Check the following items to see if you may have missed something:

  • Make sure you copied the entire link that was generated
  • Check to make sure you aren’t having Internet connection issues (hey, it happens).  Try opening a new web page.  If the new page doesn’t open, you’ll need to reconnect to the Internet.
  • If your Internet connection is sound and your agent link still doesn’t appear to be working, please contact your webmaster.  You may be running into an internal firewall issue. 

Ready to create your own agent links and enroll clients?