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Online Claim Submission

LifeMap accepts electronic claims submissions for dental claims through Availity® Health Information Network. We also accept electronic dental claims through our new Dental Center. 


Availity provides a single, easy-to-use Clearinghouse and web portal that gives providers access to multiple health plans. Providers pay absolutely nothing for the convenience of sending EDI transactions and accessing real-time health plan information from participating plans in their areas.

LifeMap currently accepts American National Standards Institute (ANSI) v5010 837 Health Care Claim transactions for dental claims.

Provider offices, facilities and billing services must use one of the following HIPAA-compliant formats to submit electronic claims to the Availity clearinghouse:

  • Professionals claims: use the ANSI ASC X12N 837P 5010 format
  • Institutional claims: use the ANSI ASC X12N 837I 5010 format

Register with Availity for dental claims

  • Dental providers should contact their dental vendor or enroll with Availity’s dental solutions. Visit www.availity.com for more details.

Provider Dental Center

Dental claims can be filed quickly and easily through the online Dental Center for providers. In the Dental Center you can:

  • Submit dental claims
  • Verify a patient’s eligibility
  • Review your network fee schedule
  • And more

Register with the Dental Center for dental claims
To start using the Provider Portal, contact our Dental Support team to get registered at 1(844) 275-8758, M-F, 8am-5pm Central Time.

Already with Availity?

If you are already registered with Availity for dental claim submissions, add LifeMap’s payer identification number, RLH01, to your list of connections.

Availity Support

If you need assistance with your Availity transactions, visit their www.availity.com or call 1(800) 282-4548.

Dental Center Support

If are having issues with your Dental Center account, contact the support team at 1(844) 275-8758.