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LifeMap COVID-19 Update: As the situation evolves, we're here for you


LifeMap is actively monitoring the current COVID-19 situation. We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure we continue to provide excellent service to our customers during these unprecedented times.

Our hearts go out to those directly or indirectly impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We are especially mindful of those who are sick, and we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full recovery. At LifeMap we’re truly grateful and inspired by the selfless healthcare workers, volunteers, essential workers and others who are on the front lines working tirelessly to provide supplies and services to our communities.

We have received many questions and concerns during this time, and we are committed to keeping you informed with up-to-date information.

Need to send a communication or form to LifeMap?

We encourage you to send correspondence to us electronically rather than by regular mail. This will help us respond more quickly to serve you during this difficult time. This includes regular correspondence, claim forms, and any other documents you wish to submit.

Electronic Contacts

For any questions, we welcome you to call our offices at:

  • Employer (Group) Customer Service: Customer Service Department at (800)794-5390 or contact your dedicated Account Executive
  • Individual Product Support: (800) 756-4105
  • Claims: (800) 286-1129

As a reminder, for those that currently have our (LTD) embedded Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit or Stand Alone EAP, benefits are available to you and your family at no cost. Help is just a phone call away to offer confidential advice and support. You can access these services by calling Reliant Behavioral Health at (866) 750-1327, emailing at HelpDesk@reliantbh.com or by visiting ibhsolutions.com.

Traveling and need help? Your LifeMap Life Insurance also includes travel assistance through our partner AXA Travel Assistance USA. For questions about the program, call **(800) 230-5179 **within the United States or +1 (630) 766-7772 outside the United States.

For more information on COVID-19, please see the CDC website at cdc.gov/coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is LifeMap doing to address the current environment surrounding this new virus?

    LifeMap is dedicated to maintaining full customer service capabilities during this crisis. We are here for you and are ready to answer questions and address any concerns regarding your LifeMap coverages. Our employees remain highly focused on planning and readiness to ensure we are here to support members and customers.

  • How will LifeMap address temporary layoffs and furloughs, leaves of absences, or reductions of hours related to the COVID-19 situation? Will coverage be continued?

    Many of our contracts allow coverage to continue through the end of the month that immediately follows the month in which a temporary layoff or absence begins. Please check your contract for the situation that applies.  If you are needing additional continuation of coverage, please contact your account executive for options.

  • Is there a waiting period applied after a coverage is lost and then the member returns to work?

    For members who return to work within six months from the date coverage was lost, previous time on the job in an eligible class will apply toward the waiting period to determine their new eligibility date.

  • Are there benefits available for the diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19 under LifeMap’s Accident and Group Critical Illness policies?

    Accident Policy: Losses from illnesses such as COVID-19 are not covered under the LifeMap Accident policy. However, LifeMap offers a *Sickness Hospital Confinement Rider on the Accident policy, which may cover COVID-19 related illnesses and treatment. This rider provides a flat daily benefit if the covered member is confined to a hospital for more than 20 hours due to an illness. *Please review your policy to verify whether your current contract has this additional rider.

    Critical lllness Policy: The LifeMap Group Critical Illness policy covers a very specific list of conditions and procedures such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Paralysis and End Stage Renal Disease. The plan does not cover conditions or illnesses (such as COVID-19), which are not specifically outlined in the policy.

Continuation of Health Coverage: COBRA

LifeMap is also aware of a requirement for carriers to provide the ARP Subsidy for AEI, for groups that qualify for state continuation (mini-COBRA). If your group does not qualify for Federal COBRA and you have questions about how to report an AEI for waiver of their Dental or Vision premiums, please contact LifeMap and specifically mention that your group is covered under a state continuation (mini-COBRA) plan.

  • Are there any changes to COBRA?

    For any employees who had coverage continued with premium payment for temporary layoff and furlough, leaves of absences or reductions of hours as a result of COVID-19, the COBRA qualifying event is the date they lost coverage.

    Currently, there are two DOL impacts to COBRA due to COVID-19:

  • Extended timelines to elect and pay for COBRA coverage. The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) Disaster Relief Notice 2021-01, issued on February 26, 2021, has extended the timelines for members who became eligible for COBRA as of March 1, 2020. This latest relief clarified that the deadlines will be disregarded until the earlier of (a) one year from the date the plan or individual was first eligible for relief, or (b) the end of the Outbreak Period.

  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) COBRA Subsidy. Signed into law on March 11th, includes a requirement that employers offer subsidized COBRA coverage for Assistance Eligible Individuals (AEI) for six months (April 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021).

    LifeMap is also aware of a requirement for carriers to provide the ARP Subsidy for AEI, for groups that qualify for state continuation (mini-COBRA). If your group does not qualify for Federal COBRA and you have questions about how to report an AEI for waiver of their Dental or Vision premiums, please contact LifeMap and specifically mention that your group is covered under a state continuation (mini-COBRA) plan.

Premium and Payments

  • Can LifeMap accept on-line payments for premium?

    Yes. We offer on-line premium payment through LifeMapCo.com.

  • How is LifeMap handling Grace Periods and Delinquencies?

    At this time, we require policyholders to remit premium during their contractual grace period.  If you need additional time to pay your premium, please contact your account executive or call our Customer Service Department for assistance.

  • Are there any impacts to Conversion or Portability?

    We will honor the extended grace period. Application for Conversion and application for Portability may be made up to 31 days from the date coverage was lost.

  • Does LifeMap have plans to offer any Premium Holidays?

    No, not at this time.

  • Will LifeMap enforce rate changes due to membership changes?

    Rate changes due to membership changes will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Claims - General

  • Does LifeMap accept claim forms that haven’t been ‘wet’-signed?

    Because many employees are working from home and don’t have access to print, sign, and scan, LifeMap would accept any DocuSign forms provided for most of our coverages. We do accept ‘wet’-signed documents sent to us by email, fax, or screen shot, including a picture taken from a mobile phone. For STD, the employee portion of the STD claim form is available online with DocuSign signature capabilities to allow paperless/online submission.

  • Does LifeMap require paper forms be mailed to our office?

    No. Forms can be scanned and sent by email to claims@lifemapco.com or sent by fax to 1-855-733-4615.

Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD)

  • Can a claim be filed for STD due to illness from COVID-19 or from being under quarantine related to their illness?

    Yes. If a member files a claim for disability benefits due to a positive test for COVID-19 that results in a quarantine, the claim is only payable if the member is unable to work. At that point, the member is considered totally or partially disabled during the period of medically required confinement.

    However, if the member is quarantined but their symptoms allow them to perform work duties from home, the member is not be considered disabled and is considered Actively at Work.

    For claim submissions, if there is any period of quarantine related to the member’s illness, the member will need to provide formal documentation from their physician. This documentation must indicate the specified quarantine period including the start and end date.

  • Will LifeMap accept Short Term Disability (STD) claims from members ordered to self-isolate, or be placed under quarantine, for reasons other than their own illness?

    No. In the case where a quarantine or self-isolation order is placed on a region (city, county, place of business, etc.) a claim would not be considered eligible for STD benefits.

  • Can a member file a claim for Short Term Disability (STD) if they have been told to stop work due to a suppressed immune system or are in a similar risk category?


  • Would the federally issued stimulus check be considered an offset to Short Term Disability (STD) or Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits?

    No. However, increases to any applicable unemployment income as a result of a government stimulus package will be treated as an offset to benefits in the same manner base benefits are considered.


The American Dental Association (ADA), in addition to several states, has issued orders to cease all non-emergency dental procedures being performed in an office setting. How does this impact LifeMap?

LifeMap plans allow for certain dental exams that can be performed through teledentistry. The following services are currently covered under our LifeMap plans and will continue to be covered under Preventative services, whether billed in an office setting or along with a teledentistry code:

  • Limited Oral Evaluation
  • Limited Oral Re-evaluation
  • Post-operative Re-evaluation


  • Are there any Telehealth options for Vision?

    No, there are no telehealth options for Vision. Any vision emergencies should be directed to a medical doctor.

Brokers and Groups

  • How long are proposals valid?

    At this time, proposals are standardly valid for up to 90 days.

  • Are there any impacts to LifeMap’s renewal workflow?

    LifeMap’s renewal process has not been affected.

  • Will LifeMap allow an employer to change their eligibility rules mid-plan year?

    If this is a request related to reductions due to COVID-19, please contact your Account Executive for options.

  • Does LifeMap cover dental PPE charges from providers?

    No. We are not reimbursing for PPE on Dental as it is considered a cost of doing business.

  • Will receiving the COVID-19 vaccine void a policyholder’s life insurance coverage?

    No, receiving a COVID vaccine will not void a policyholder’s life insurance coverage. A person’s vaccine status is not part of policy language nor is it a consideration when applying for a new policy.  If you have questions about your specific policy, contact your account executive.