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Prepare For A Safe Commute When The Elements Are Against You

This winter has brought unusually cold and bitter weather to many western states, and the freezing temperatures and pouring rain don’t seem to be dissipating. This harsh weather makes commuting safely a more prominent challenge than in past seasons.

We at LifeMap understand the struggle, which is why we have compiled three tips to keep you safe and warm during the workweek: 

  1. Dress for the weather. Dressing properly can make a huge difference in the quality of your day. Be sure to wear layers: Start with layers of wool, silk or polypropylene (all of which retain more body heat than cotton) and be sure to include wind- and water-resistant outer layers. Don’t forget to add a warm hat, gloves, and socks to cover your extremities, where you feel the cold the most.  
  2. Warm from within. Consider skipping your morning cup of java in favor of warm, sweet beverages or broth. Caffeinated drinks cause you to lose heat more rapidly. Also, be sure to eat well-balanced meals to help keep your body functioning at its best.
  3. Consider travel plans in advance. Stay home and work remotely if roads are icy or flooded. If there is no way to avoid a commute, be prepared. Take the route that will keep you on de-iced, flat, well-maintained roads, and stay tuned to local weather channels so you know where the biggest commuter problems will occur.