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LifeMap Employer Admin Center (EAC) - 2021 Q2 Updates

LifeMap has recently released additional enhancements to The Employer Admin Center (EAC). We are always looking for ways to improve upon your user experience. Below are items that focus on the management of new hire enrollments, rehires, and employees who terminate employment prior to meeting the eligibility waiting period, thereby, making the employee never effective. 

  • First, new hire functionality has been augmented.  This enhancement now allows for groups that have a longer waiting period the ability to wait and add a new hire once they have met the eligibility waiting period. The new logic allows for employee additions when the eligibility effective date is within our three-month retroactive guideline rather than focusing on three months from the date of hire. 
  • Similarly, rehire logic mimics the above new hire logic.  Like a new hire, the improvement now considers the eligibility date rather than the rehire date when checking our three month retroactive guideline.   
  • The EAC allows for the termination of employees who become ineligible prior to meeting the eligibility waiting period. We found a slight regression in the code preventing the never effective dates when the termination was processed after the eligibility effective date had passed. This update allows for the group to enter a never effective termination when the employee is reflected as Active. There is still the expectation that the termination will be processed within our three-month retroactive guideline.
  • The Salary and Frequency fields have each been swapped requiring the salary frequency first and then the salary amount. We believe that by entering the frequency first, it will aid in reminding the user to enter a salary amount for the given frequency.