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​WINFertility makes fertility treatment affordable

For over 20 years, WINFertility has been linking those dealing with infertility with a network of accessible, affordable and proven Fertility Specialists who can help. A key to our success is lower than market-rate Treatment Bundles consisting of the medical services and medications required to help you have a baby. For those already in treatment with a specialist, the WINFertilityRx Program can help reduce costs on fertility medications.

Key Features of the WINFertility Consumer Program:

  • Saves patients between 10% and 40% on your fertility services, including IUI and IVF treatments and fertility medications.
  • No clinical or age criteria to participate. No fees to enroll.
  • Proven Fertility Physician Network of fellowship-trained practitioners who have achieved documented success rates with convenient locations throughout US.
  • WINFertility Comprehensive Treatment BundlesSM contain a package of all medical services and the medications you need to help you have a baby.
  • WINFertilityRx, our Medication BundlesSM program is also available with savings up to 40% on fertility-specific pharmaceuticals for those who have a fertility specialist not within the WINFertility network.
  • Simple payment process, a single payment to WINFertility and we handle all payments to providers and pharmacies for your treatment.
  • WINFertility Treatment Financing Options are available. Even at below market pricing, some people prefer making payments over time. WINFertility will connect you with financing options to help make it all possible.
  • A free consultation with a friendly WINFertility FertilityCoachSM Nurse is available. They have decades of fertility experience, will answer your questions and offer support along the way. WINFertility’s in your corner.
  • Our complimentary Prenatal Program, designed to help prevent birth defects is offered to all enrollees and includes a 90 day supply of Folic Acid.

With WINFertility, “I can’t have a baby” turns into “I believe that I can.”

Members save an additional one percent off WIN’s fertility services and can receive a 30-minute consultation with a fertility nurse upon commencement of the program. Get your discount code and learn more at http://www.winfertility.com/lmap/.